Nutrigenomix Test


This package includes the test (results returned 2-3 weeks after mailing sample), a 1-hour coaching session to determine goals based on the results, and a follow up call (30 minutes) to offer accountability.

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Nutrigenomix is a University of Toronto start-up biotechnology company that is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and their clients with comprehensive, reliable, genomic information with the ultimate goal of improving health through personalized nutrition. Nutrigenomix currently offers two tests with new panels added as the science develops. Both tests consist of a panel of 45 genetic markers related to several important aspects of your lifestyle including weight management and body composition, nutrient metabolism, eating habits, cardiometabolic health, food intolerances, and physical activity. The Nutrigenomix Health and Wellness test is intended for the general public to optimize health and wellbeing, whereas the Nutrigenomix Sport test is focused on enhancing performance and decreasing injury risk while optimizing health.


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