Corporate Nutrition Seminars - At Your Office

Daily routines make us who we are – employees who report good health and low stress are more likely to be productive, reliable, and able to balance work needs. Bringing employees together around wellness creates a culture of sharing and support, and seminars are the perfect way to start the conversation and make connections that enhance healthy workplace relationships.

Speaking Presentations

Each presentation is 1 hour long, and can include a food demo. Choose from the selection of topics below, or request one that’s on your mind! Sarah keeps presentations professional in tone, but conversational, and encourages engagement and audience interaction. A handout will be provided for printing on site or electronic distribution, and attendees are invited to use the information presented to make changes in their own lives for maximum information retention and relatability.

What to Expect

Sarah will arrive on site 30 minutes before the start time to set up. A screen, projector, and table are usually all that’s required on site. Time for Q&A is reserved at the end, and questions are also welcomed during the presentation.

One-On-One Coaching

These sessions are an excellent way for employees to take the next step after a presentation – often, many have more questions than can be answered, or some that are too personal to ask in a group format. Positive changes often beget other positive changes, so having the chance to make a concrete plan for better living starts the ball rolling for designing a life that’s fulfilling, enjoyable, and productive.

What to Expect

Meeting for 20 or 30 minutes with Sarah gives the opportunity to strategize habit changes related to nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress, or tobacco cessation. She follows up with a personal email to each participant with a reminder of the plan and links to any useful resources for them. A block of 4-6 hours is available after a presentation for individual meetings on site.

Virtual webinars are $500 and with no additional food fees, in-person packages start at $600 with food samples priced per person and based on recipe choices.  1 on 1 counseling sessions are $100/hour with the option to book 2 or 3 people per hour.

Package Options

On-Site Presentation

On-Site Presentation + One-On-One Coaching Block

Custom Package: A Series of Presentations, Coaching, or Both

Presentation options

Choose one of the seminar options below, or contact me to discuss a custom presentation topic.

Lunch in 10

Read Presentation & Description

Healthy eating is all about balance, planning, and prep. Learn some tricks and techniques to make healthy food fast – and delicious!

Food option: quinoa bowl tasting – as meal size or sample size.

Good Fat, Bad Fat

Read Presentation & Description

There’s a lot of confusion about dietary fat…should we really be eating less? Learn the basics and how you can make smart choices when you know a little bit more about this misunderstood nutrient!

Food option: tasting of nut varieties.

Nutrition 101

Read Presentation & Description

Be able to judge whether meals or snacks are healthy in a snap with 3 easy criteria. Understanding a few basics will go a long way to helping you enjoy your food and make the best choices.

Food option: roasted red pepper hummus + veggies.

Food & Mood

Read Presentation & Description

Your food doesn’t go through you – it becomes a part of you! Learn how to influence your energy levels, stress, and emotions by making the right food choices.

Food option: make your own parfait snack.

Eating for Exercise

Read Presentation & Description

Your body is like a furnace, and exercise is like stoking the fire! What and when you eat pre and post workout can help to build muscle, improve recovery time, and keep metabolism burning for hours after – learn the basics to maximize your results!

Food option: recovery smoothie sample.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Sign up for a 30-minute call to discuss your vision for presentation timing, topic, and anything specific to your workplace to get the ball rolling.

How and when is payment transferred?

An invoice will be sent upon completion of the event, payable by Paypal or via check within 30 days afterwards.

What do we need to provide?

For a seminar, the room should be set up with chairs, a screen, and a laptop or powerpoint-friendly device. If a food demo is part of the presentation, a table and trash can near the front are also required. For coaching sessions, a private room with chairs and a table or desk is all that’s needed.

How much are seminars?

Virtual seminars are $500, and in-person starts at $600 with optional food pairing costs of $2-$10 per person depending on portion size and menu. (There is no additional food cost for a virtual presentation.)

What days of the week can we book a seminar?

I schedule seminars on Mondays and Thursdays, though some flexibility may be possible if those days cannot work.

How long are seminars?

Each seminar is 1 hour and includes a 45 minute interactive lecture with 15 minutes for Q&A.

Can we arrange for food to be provided?

Food pairing is an option for groups up to 25, and I’m happy to help select a menu if you’d like to order food for larger groups.

Have a question not answered above?

Thank you Sarah for presenting such practical and timely information to our staff. You have a great talent for keeping the discussion lively and the information useful and fun to learn. You got rave reviews!

Sarah was very knowledgeable and helpful to me. I look forward to working with her in the near should I need assistance in determining or setting goals for myself in the future.

Sarah is fantastic–very easy to speak with and helpful in giving attainable goals and very knowledgeable. I really am happy and thankful to have her as my coach!

She is encouraging and very helpful, which makes her easy to talk to. She knows what she is talking about and I trust her guidance.

Sarah was lovely to talk to and had clear actionable suggestions. I look forward to talking with her again.

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