Food Sensitivity Program


Thousands of people have found relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years, simply by knowing what foods to avoid.  No two people are alike, so this unique test allows us to see inside your physiology to determine which foods and chemicals may be causing your skin, nervous, and digestive system issues.

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This package features the Lifestyle Eating And Performance (LEAP) program which uses the Mediator Release Test (MRT) to determine foods that your body may have prolonged, systemic inflammatory reactions to.  If you have symptoms like frequent migraine, IBS (especially with diarrhea), fibromyaligia, skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, and especially if you have 2 or more of those ailments, it’s likely that a food or chemical(s) is a trigger.  The package includes:

  • Initial assessment
  • Blood test (from a certified laboratory)
  • In-person bulk food prep session after results are received, based on confirmed allowable foods
  • Guidance through the phases of reintroduction of untested foods
  • 5 follow up phone calls, spaced over 3 months
  • Food diary review
  • Unlimited questions through email
  • Personalized recipe suggestions, ideas, & tips


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