Qualifications and background

Sarah competed her Bachelor’s degree at Franklin & Marshall College in 2006, a Master of Science (MS) in Human Nutrition at Drexel University in 2010, and a dietetic internship through Utah State University’s distance program to become a Registered Dietitian (RD). In 2018, she became LEAP certified (CLT) to offer food sensitivity evaluation to clients. A longtime DC-area resident, she has been featured by many Washington media outlets, including the Washington Post, The Express, DCRefinedWUSA9 and as a regular contributor to ABC7’s Good Morning Washington.  She’s also been featured by local bloggers including fANNEtastic Food, Boderstan, and LadiesDC and health websites including The Active Times and SheKnows.  She has appeared as a guest on the podcasts Foodie & the Beast, Beautiful Life Self Care, and RD Real Talk.

Sarah has updated courses for continuing education credit for dietetic professionals for Nutrition Dimension, and writes for More Than Food, a website run by Vegetable & Butcher where she also serves as the nutrition consult for ready-made meals delivered in the DC area.  She also works a telephonic health coach for Labcorp, one of the premier business wellness companies in the country, and is a co-owner and operator of Gathering Springs Farm.

Sarah grew up on a dairy farm in Pennsylvania, does pottery as a hobby, and loves to do yoga, kickboxing, and hiking to stay active.  She lives with her husband, son, and dog Norman in Haymarket, VA.

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