Make the mood: beautiful/functional table setting elements

by | Dec 15, 2017 | WFW | 0 comments

Set the stage

Setting a nice table isn’t just for guests!  In fact, having some nice lighting and a good atmosphere might actually help you eat slower, eat less, and yet enjoy food more.  Even if it’s not every night, you can easily invest in a few key products to up the ambiance and make things more functional.

  • Cloth napkins – eco friendly, reusable, and double as polishing cloths!  If they’re lightly used, you don’t have to wash after every meal…keep a set for everyday use and one for company.
  • Heat-resistant placemats – these are perfect for catching crumbs, sauces, and protecting your table from hot plates.  I like to pop mine in the dishwasher when messes happen!
  • Candles – shameless self promotion here, but why not light a candle for dinner on a Tuesday?  There’s something about candlelight that changes the energy of a room, and brings it to a more relaxed, reverent place.
  • An attractive table caddy – practical and pretty, having a spot for extra utensils, salt & pepper, and a few extra napkins in case of spills makes clean up easy.  Especially recommended for families!
  • Washable, patterened table cloth – I love a stark, white tablecloth as much as the next person, but they’re just not practical for daily use.  Pick a pattern with a variety of tones or a bold pattern so that a few crumbs or small spills won’t be noticeable.

Any table items you use that I missed here?  Let me know!  And remember – there are few things more important for families than having dinner together regularly.  So sit down and start a conversation!