Introducing: Vegetable & Butcher, vegan & meat meal options in DC

by | Feb 15, 2018 | WFW | 0 comments

It started as a love story

Turner & Ariane met in DC (he showed up for an appointment, she checked him in – that’s the short version!) and were living the meal prep life when they wondered if there were a better way.  Spending Sundays prepping for hours, using a vegan meal base (Ariane doesn’t eat meat) and an animal protein add on (Turner does), they felt like there wasn’t enough variety in their food or time in their week to spend!  The meal delivery options available at the time didn’t meet their standards for taste or nutrition, and so with lots of planning, testing, and fundraising, Vegetable & Butcher was born in October of 2016.

The vegan base + animal protein option structure is the same as the one they used together, but the menu is diversified, sustainably sourced, and delivered directly to your door, ready to eat or heat in compostable & recyclable packaging.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the best part – they asked me to review the meals for nutritional balance, so I can personally attest that each one provides the right amount of protein, carbs, fat, and lots of vitamins & minerals!  And I can tell also tell you – the food is DELICIOUS.  Even as I read the recipes, I wasn’t prepared for how flavorful and satisfying the food would be.  Chef Christina Brown is truly gifted in the kitchen, and the meals are also stunningly gorgeous.

Beyond the food

One of the reasons I was excited to work with Turner & Ariane is that they think like me – about 384 things a day that would be awesome ways to make the world a better place.  We’re Tim Ferriss podcast listeners, want to create composting options for more of America, are fascinated by health hacks like fasting and cold water submersion, a little obsessed with creating habits around the things that add value to life, and of course BIG fans of farmer’s markets.  Food is an excellent first step towards good health, but it’s far from the whole picture.  And thinking about the habits that lead to full-scale wellness is what led them to create the Warrior Wellness Challenge.

Warrior Wellness

The Warrior Wellness Challenge is a one-month commitment designed to touch all the major areas of physical and mental health.  Nutrition is the cornerstone – choose from 3 food packages (called Warrior 1, 2, and 3) to get V&B meals for a whole month delivered.  Then, follow the workbook to round out the excellent nutrition by adding in mindfulness, exercise, and community building, all structured by V&B and reinforced by the whole team.  Altogether, it’s:

  • 5 Days Each Week of Meals Designed for Optimal Nutrition (package pricing determines exactly how many meals you’ll get)
  • Guidance + Support from Dietitians, Health Coaches + W/W Experts
  • 10-Minute Daily Journaling to Improve Mindfulness + Practice Gratitude
  • Daily Movement Practice via High Intensity Workout Programming
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins to Ensure Consistent Progress
  • Access to Exclusive Community for Support + Friendship

If you need to make some big changes in the way you’re living, this is your ticket.  After living like this for a month, the things that provide the biggest benefit will stick easier, and there’s no chance you’ll do the whole thing and not experience some change in perspective. The only downside is that the current delivery area covers most of DC, and not the whole country!  Or world.  But hopefully expansion will continue!

Have questions?   We have answers!  Learn more here, and sign up here.  Use the code SarahHeartsV+B to get 15% off your first order!