Food waste isn’t trash: start composting!

by | Apr 22, 2018 | WFW | 4 comments

Start with the man in the mirror

Composting needs to happen on a large scale – if grocery stores, restaurants, and school systems started programs it would have a huge impact on the food waste that goes into our landfills!  Ideally, composting would be a utility service like recycling and trash…South Korea already has a fantastic model for doing so. But before we see the process initiated at high levels, it can start at home, and it’s something nearly every American has the ability to start right now. The earth will literally do the work for you – you just need to pick out a spot and start diverting your food waste from the trash to the compost pile. (Read on if you live in a city and don’t have an outdoor option!)

Not just for hippies

I’m talking to you, suburbanites, urban folk, and even those of you with a black thumb.  If you believe that climate change is happening (it is), that it’s caused by humans (it is), and you aren’t composting, then let’s look at getting your actions aligned with your position.  Composting is one way among many that you can sequester some carbon in the most earth-friendly form possible: nutrient-rich topsoil.  As an added bonus to you, your home’s trash will fill more slowly and not smell so bad!

Friends: the stats are dire.  In America alone it’s estimated that a pound of compostable food per person is trashed DAILY.  In my own experience, I find that we fill a 5-gallon bucket every 3-4 weeks, just David & I.  When I lived with roommates, the 5 of us filled the same size bucket weekly.

Start now

To help and encourage you, my friend and partner in farming (now and in the future, more info coming on that later!) Pam Jones (wife of the infamous Rob Jones) made this little video and created a resource guide.  Sign up for it here.  Thanks for your support in advance!

If you don’t have outdoor space, there are composting services popping up all over the place!  Here are some in Washington, DC:

Check out this list to find composting options in many other cities…or just Google “compost service in…” and see what comes up!  This will help you keep your kitchen clean, AND divert waste from landfills.  Start the process today!!  If you want to learn more about composting with worms, I suggest you check out this article for more info…you can even do this INDOORS.  Please share this post with anyone who needs a nudge to get things going!