Last spring I was wandering through the farmer’s market near my house in DC, and happened to see a stand run by a friend (ok, colleague…ok…boss) I used to work with at the Cooperative Extension Office in Gettysburg.  “You live here?”  he said, and then immediately “would you ever want to work the register for markets?”  At the time, I had a full-time job, but a big pile of student loans, so “heck yes” was the correct answer.  When I realized that ringing up veggie orders and chatting about produce was more enjoyable than what I did at my “real” job, it was another of several signs that a change of career paths might be called for.

So now the market (and more specifically, Chesley Vegetable Farms) is a supplement to my rent money and produce balance, and WhyFoodWorks Dinner Parties are my main game.  I’m designating Saturdays on the blog to recap the day at the market, highlight vendors, and feature some yummy food.  If you’re in DC, stop on by!  It’s in Columbia Heights at 14th and Kenyon St from 9am til 1pm through December.

Check out my the photos and recipes below!IMAG2123
Gorgeous, no?

IMAG2129The bees live on Chesley Farm, and their owner then processes the honey into jars for us!

IMAG2188Matt (the farmer) lets me make samples for people to try; today was strawberries 2 ways!

IMAG2190 IMAG2191
Try these, so simple and delicious!

I grabbed some goat cheese and bread from other vendors and my friend (and loyal taste tester) Beth, and whipped up a quick, entirely local lunch:
Goat cheese, strawberry and basil on bib lettuce, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.IMAG2194 IMAG2198
Ready in less than 10 minutes and amazingly refreshing (disregard the cheap whiskey next to me…NOT part of the meal…).

What is your fav farmer’s market staple or unique find?