Improve Your Nutrition in the Comfort of Your Own Kitchen

WhyFoodWorks will bring a registered dietitian to your house to throw a healthy and nutritious dinner party for you and all your friends. Cooking lessons included!

Throwing a dinner party with a registered dietitian and learning how to cook healthy meals in the comfort of your own home will help you make better choices when cooking at home and give you tips for healthier choices while eating out.

 Our dinner parties will help you

  • Understand what a healthy meal looks like
  • Prepare your own healthy meals at home
  • Make better choices when grocery shopping & eating out
  • Learn from a dietitian while having fun
  • Enjoy the company of good friends and good food

All in the familiarity of your own kitchen – it’s a cooking show, combined with a personalized health consultation.

How it works:
Where: Dinner Parties are available in the greater Washington DC area (within a 15 mile radius of the city center; surcharge applies for each mile beyond 15).
Who: Minimum 4 guests, maximum 8.
Price: $65 per person
$8 per person option for wine pairing (roughly 2 full servings per person)
How: All food, kitchen gadgets, utensils, plates, and glasses are provided – you won’t have to clean up!

Book your party in 3 easy steps:

1. Email to discuss potential menus and hold 3 dates that are good for you while you check with your friends.
2. Sign up for the Dinner Party Host kit: it includes a template email to send your friends, and all the details about what you’ll need to do as the host (don’t worry – it’s not much!).
3. Email to confirm the date, time, and any food allergies or preferences.  She’ll call you to finalize details and develop the perfect menu for you and your guests!

For every 10 dinner parties, WFW donates a party to charity or provides one for a group who can’t afford it!

If you’re not ready to book a dinner party, check out the blog for some tasty recipes, Skin Edition where adults can play with their food (in the sake of science, environment, and beauty, of course), or learn more about WhyFoodWorks on the About page.

Know better, eat better.

What does a dinner party look like?  Watch this video, produced by Franklin & Marshall College (Sarah’s alma mater), to get a peek inside![youtube]


“WFW is WOW!! Sarah is a top notch expert in food and feeling good. One of the best meals I have had in years. Educational and fun- Sarah made it happen.”
~Matt S.

 “It is often said that you eat with your eyes first, and Sarah delivered at every course! I’m already trying her recipes and loving them.  She inspires health by keeping it simple and delicious.  It’s a true talent and art to succeed at both, and WhyFoodWorks
definitely nailed it!”
~Mary S.

Sarah Waybright