This will be a short and sweet post, for a quick and easy recipe!  My last entry about dessert included a much more indulgent sampling, but this one is practically guilt-free, and summer-friendly!

So, I made a sorbet…or so I thought.  Apparently, sorbets usually have some sort of liqueur in them, and sherbets have dairy, so what I really made was a shaved (or Italian) ice.  Like Rita’s, but with way less sugar and no artificial coloring!  The coconut water makes this a nice, hydrating treat.


Nutrition science question of the day: why do you get brain freeze when eating cold foods?  In this article, the researchers “found that the sensation of brain freeze appears to be caused by a dramatic and sudden increase in blood flow through the brain’s anterior cerebral artery. As soon as the artery constricted, the brain-freeze pain sensation wore off.”  Best way to deal?  Eat slower!  It’s Mother Nature’s way of telling you to savor!

Coconut Mint Italian Ice


  • 1 ice cube tray of coconut water, frozen (about a cup)
  • 1/2 c of fresh mint leaves
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1/4 c sugar or honey


Put cubes and mint into a blender and pulse until the ice is shaved.  Add lemon juice and sugar and blend again until it’s a packable consistency.  Pack into spheres to serve, or layer with yogurt or whipped cream if you’re feeling fancy.  Serve immediately, or put in the freezer to harden a bit.  Serves 4.  These would also make great popsicles!  Just blend coconut water with the rest of then ingredients until smooth, then pour into a cup or pop mold.



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