A few days ago I whipped up a little batch of squash soup.  I did what I usually do – read a few different recipes to see what the crucial steps are, then pretty much winged it.  Usually I try to refine amounts in recipes I post, but this is a hard one to mess up, and nearly all variations of it are wonderful.

First, you have to get yourself some squash.  I chose butternut and delicata, and threw in an apple for good measure.  I roughly peeled the butternuts, and sliced everything in half (the apple in quarters).  I also added a clove of garlic and onion to the tray, after taking this pic:

Then I stuck them all on a cookie sheet (with a super-awesome non-stick silicon liner) in the oven for about an hour.  (Next experiment: using the microwave to cut this down!)

After deseeding, I simply put them all in my Ninja blender with a bit (half cup?) of apple cider and milk (1 cup?).  Here’s where things kind of stop mattering…just add as much milk or cider as you’d like to get a sweet vs creamy taste, and to make it the consistency you want.  Mine tends to be thicker, since I leave skins on (that’s where the fiber and vitamins are most concentrated!), which gives a nice thick texture.

Oh, and use real milk.  Like, whole milk.  Vitamin A, which gives most squash varieties and pumpkins their vibrant orange color, is a fat soluble vitamin – meaning you absorb more when consuming it with fat.  There’s only 8g of fat in a cup of whole milk, and this makes at least 4-6 servings, so maybe even drizzle in some (a few tablespoons) olive oil!

Then the other fun part: spices!  I used a pinch of cinnamon, cloves, and some cumin.  I also added a vegetable boullion cube and a pinch of salt and pepper.  It would probably be good with ginger, and maybe even a hit of red pepper.  Like I said, hard to mess up.

Unless you go REALLY wild and add some Old Bay.

Maybe even that would be good??  Now I’m considering it…

Anyway.  Garnish with almonds or a drizzle of cream, and serve warm: