Let’s do lunch.

2016-03-23 11.35.23Corporate nutrition seminars – at your office!

Health is a hot topic at the office, and increasingly corporations and organizations are making a big effort to take care of their employees.  Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy body, and studies show that healthy employees are more productive, miss fewer days of work, and even use less sick time to care for family members – good health is contagious!  Whether you have a wellness program in place or want to provide your employees with some information in a fun, engaging way, a seminar is a great way to start the conversation about food.

Presentation options:

  1. Lunch in 10
    Healthy eating is all about balance, planning, and prep.  Learn some tricks and techniques to make healthy food fast – and delicious! (Food option: quinoa bowl tasting – as meal size or sample size)
  2. “Good fat, bad fat?”
    There’s a lot of confusion about dietary fat…should we really be eating less?  Learn the basics and how you can make smart choices when you know a little bit more about this misunderstood nutrient!
    (Food option: tasting of nut varieties)
  3. “Nutrition 101”
    Be able to judge whether meals or snacks are healthy in a snap with 3 easy criteria.  Understanding a few basics will go a long way to helping you enjoy your food and make the best choices.
    (Food option: roasted red pepper hummus + veggies)
  4. “Food & Mood”
    Your food doesn’t go through you – it becomes a part of you!  Learn how to influence your energy levels, stress, and emotions by making the right food choices.
    (Food option: make your own parfait snack)
  5. “Eating for Exercise”
    Your body is like a furnace, and exercise is like stoking the fire!  What and when you eat pre and post workout can help to build muscle, improve recovery time, and keep metabolism burning for hours after – learn the basics to maximize your results!
    (Food option: recovery smoothie sample)

Pricing and availability

Seminars are $250, with optional food pairing costs of $2-$10 per person depending on portion size and menu.  I schedule seminars on Mondays and Thursdays, though some flexibility may be possible if those days cannot work.  Each seminar is 1 hour and includes a 45 minute interactive lecture with 15 minutes for Q&A.  Food pairing is an option for groups up to 25, and I’m happy to help select a menu if you’d like to order food for larger groups.