Are you ready to make a change?


1 month.  Supported change.  Accountability.  Action.


It’s pretty simple:

1. Choose how you want to improve/grow/change, join the group, and challenge your friends. We’re proving the power of small, consistent effort, so think of something you can do in just 10 minutes a day*.  Suggested categories are Life Balance, Nutrition, & Exercise – see ideas for each below!

2. Put 10 bucks into the pool and add your email to join.

3. Get encouragement, tips and inspiration in your feed so you stay on track during January.

4. At the end of the month let us know how you did, upload your pics, give us the low-down on why you deserve the prize cash to help continue the amazing change you just made in your life!

5. Yes, there’s prize cash! The $10 Resolution Challenge winner gets half the pool, the other half is going to Arcadia Farms, a great non-profit that teaches people about sustainable ag and helps under-served communities have access to fresh produce.


GOAL IDEAS: 10 minutes a day of…

Life balance:

  • organizing surfaces (desks, tables, shelves, countertops)
  • meditation
  • a creative hobby (knitting, drawing)
  • practicing a relaxing sleep routine (ideas here!)


  • keeping a food diary (as you go, or nightly recap)
  • prepping lunch the night before
  • meal planning/stocking for the following day


  • a walk during your workday
  • a quick workout (there are so many online!)
  • yoga or stretching
  • dancing to 3-4 songs, practicing a skill (trick jump roping, slac lining, skate boarding)

Entries close midnight January 1st and the challenge begins on January 2nd!




What if I don’t have Facebook or Instagram?
That’s fine! As long as you’ve paid in and signed up with your email, you’re in. Tell your friends what you’re doing, so they can help provide you with encouragement and accountability!

If I miss a day, am I out?
Not necessarily! No one’s perfect, and you can’t flip a switch and just start living a new life – it takes time, and sometimes failure. So if you miss a day, just go back to doing it the next day. Taking a picture, logging what you did in a journal or app, or some other way of designating what you did each day will help you stay on track. The point is to experience the benefit of making a small but persistent change, and get back on the wagon when you fall off.

Why isn’t this free?
Two reasons: to make it fun that there’s a prize, and make you more accountable!  People value things they spend dollars on, and in this case, you are valuing YOURSELF!  And making a small, fun gamble.

How will the winner be chosen?
3 people who show their progress or explain how their month of commitment made an impact on them will be selected, and the group will vote for the ultimate winner.

Where’s the rest of the money going?
I’ve selected Arcadia Farms to get half the buy-ins for this challenge! They’re a DC-area farm, ag & food education center, and food hub for underserved communities…they even have a converted school bus that acts as a mobile farmer’s market! Check them out to learn more, volunteer yourself, or donate directly.

What are you doing, Sarah?
I’m going to spend 10 minutes a day practicing forearm balance (pincha mayurasana). After years of doing yoga regularly, I’ve fallen out of going to classes frequently so this will involve a few minutes of warming up, and will be more fun with a target pose in mind! Being upside down has cardiovascular health benefits, and we all spend too much time sitting down – going to flip that on its head, literally!